Preparing for Your Summer Holidays with a Sunbed Treatment in Crewe

sunbed treatments in Crewe

As the summer holidays approach, many of us turn to the local tanning salon to achieve a sun-kissed glow before we hit the beach. It’s fair enough really. After all, nobody wants to take to the sand with a bluey-white glow, do they?

Grabbing a pre-holiday sunbed treatment at Radiance Personified can help you build a base tan before jetting off, reducing the risk of burning under harsh sunlight on day one and giving you a healthy glow before your feet touch the sand.

If it’s your plan to use a tanning salon before you go on holiday this year, here’s our handy guide on how to use sunbeds to prepare your skin for a long, hot summer. Be sure to read to the end for some extra holiday tanning tips.


When to Start

To develop a solid base tan, it’s essential to start using tanning beds well in advance of your holiday. Ideally, you should begin your sunbed treatment 6-8 weeks before your trip. This timeline allows your skin to gradually adapt to UV exposure, minimising the risk of burns and rashes while on vacation.


How Often Should I Visit a Tanning Salon?

For those new to the world of tanning, start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration. Initially, our specialists suggest two sessions per week, each lasting around 10-15 minutes. As your skin starts to develop a base tan, you can slowly increase the sunbed treatment length to 10-15 minutes, maintaining the twice-weekly schedule.

Experienced tanners might begin with longer sessions or more frequent visits, but it’s crucial to listen to your skin and always avoid overexposure. Be sure to consult with our experienced salon staff for personalised advice based on your skin type and tanning goals.


Preparing Your Skin for Tanning


Before starting a sunbed treatment, exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells. This step ensures a more even tan and prevents patchiness. Use a gentle exfoliator once a week leading up to your holiday.



Keeping your skin hydrated is vital for a healthy tan. Always apply a daily moisturiser, focusing on areas of your body that tend to dry out, such as elbows, knees and ankles. Proper hydration helps your skin tan more evenly and prevents peeling.



While building a base tan, always use SPF products. Even if you’re indoors, SPF helps protect your skin from incidental UV exposure and maintains skin health. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and apply it generously before each tanning session.


Post-Tanning Care

Cooling Down

After each sunbed treatment, cool your skin with a soothing aloe vera gel or a post-tanning lotion. These products help to calm any redness and replenish moisture lost during tanning.


Regular Cleansing

Maintaining clean skin is essential, especially after tanning. Showering once a day with a mild cleanser can help remove sweat, oils and tanning products, preventing clogged pores and breakouts.


Additional Tips

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.
Wear Loose Clothing: Tight clothes can rub against your skin and can cause irritation after a tanning session.
Monitor Skin Changes: Pay attention to how your skin responds to tanning. If you notice any unusual changes, stop tanning and consult a dermatologist.


Ready to Get Started?

Visiting Radiance Personified, in Crewe, to prepare for your summer holidays can help you achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed look while reducing the risk of sunburn.

Don’t forget to start your tanning regimen at least 6-8 weeks before your trip, gradually increasing session lengths and maintaining proper skin care throughout the process. With the right preparation and care, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer sun with confidence and a healthy glow.

And if you’re looking for a tanning salon near me in Crewe, remember, you can take advantage of our simple pricing models to book in for as long or as little as you need, with prices starting from just 45p per minute!


Caring for Your Skin While on a Beach Holiday

While on a beach holiday, maintaining your skin’s health is crucial, not only to protect it from sun damage but also to keep your tan looking vibrant. Here are some essential tips:


Sun Protection

Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every two hours, and immediately after swimming or sweating. This prevents sunburn and reduces the risk of long-term skin damage. Pay special attention to often-missed areas like the ears, feet, and the back of the neck.



Staying hydrated is key. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin and body hydrated. Dehydrated skin is more prone to peeling and losing its tan.



Regularly moisturise your skin to lock in hydration. Use an after-sun lotion or aloe vera gel to soothe and cool the skin after sun exposure, which helps prolong your tan.


Gentle Cleansing

Avoid hot showers and baths, as they can strip your skin of natural oils. Opt for lukewarm showers and use a gentle, moisturising body wash to keep your skin supple.


Prolonging Your Tan Post-Holiday

The best way to keep your tan as the chilly nights draw in is to keep it topped up with the occasional treatment on one of our stand in or lie-down sunbeds.

By following these tips, you can protect your skin while on holiday and enjoy your sun-kissed glow long after your return. Proper skincare before, during, and after your beach holiday ensures a radiant and healthy tan.

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