Stand-Up vs Lay Down Sunbeds – Crewe’s Freshest Tanning Salon Now Offers You the Choice

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In your quest for that sun-kissed glow, choosing the right tanning method is crucial.

At Radiance Personified, your trusted tanning studio in Crewe and proud member of The Sunbed Association, we understand that people’s preferences vary and that’s why we offer a choice between stand-up tanning booths and lay-down sunbeds. In this post, we’ll delve into the differences between these two options, highlighting their advantages to help you make an informed decision for your next tanning session.


Stand-Up Tanning Booths: A Vertical Tan Experience

Standing tall inside a stand-up tanning booth is a unique experience that appeals to many of our clients. Our Technosole K.Sun Beauty stand-up booths have been designed with strategically placed UV lamps surrounding you, allowing for a 360-degree exposure to UV light. This not only facilitates a quicker tanning session but also ensures an even tan as you can easily rotate your body during the process. Our Technosole K.Sun booths offer a more upright and dynamic session, making it a popular choice for clients seeking efficiency and convenience.


Advantages of Stand-Up Tanning:

Quick sessions: Stand-up booths generally require less time than lay-down beds, making them perfect for those on the go.

Even tan: 360-degree exposure helps achieve an evenly distributed tan, avoiding uneven patches.


Lay Down Tanning Beds: Simple Horizontal Tanning

On the flip side, our Ergoline Avantgarde horizontal tanning beds provide a more relaxed experience. As you recline on a comfortable surface, UV lamps above and around you emit rays for a luxurious tanning session. The Avantgarde is also equipped with facial tanners, ensuring every inch of your body gets that radiant glow.

So if you prefer a more leisurely approach to tanning, the Ergoline beds at Radiance Personified might be your ideal choice.


Advantage of Lay Down Tanning:

Relaxation: The horizontal position allows for a more laid-back, relaxing and comfortable tanning experience.


Why Choose Radiance Personified?

As the premier tanning salon in Crewe, if you’re ‘looking for a tanning studio near me’, Radiance Personified stands out for our commitment to providing a tailored tanning experience. Our membership of The Sunbed Association underscores our dedication to adhering to industry standards and prioritising your safety.

At Radiance Personified, our prices start from an affordable 45p per minute, while our state-of-the-art tanning booths and sunbeds, allow you to choose the method that best suits your preferences.


Searching for a Tanning Salon ‘near me’ in Crewe

Whether you opt for our invigorating stand-up tanning booths or our indulgent lay-down sunbeds, we promise a tanning experience like no other as our expert staff guide you towards achieving the perfect, sun-kissed glow.

Ready to experience the ultimate tanning session in Crewe? Book in at Radiance Personified today and choose from our range of stand-up tanning booths and lay-down beds. Your radiant glow awaits!

Remember, for the best tanning experience in Crewe, choose Radiance Personified – where every tan tells a glowing story

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